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AUTOPRO first came into existence in 1983.
UAP Inc., the largest supplier of auto parts in Canada, implemented a program that would enable Canada’s best repair facilities to distinguish themselves, form a warranty network, and benefit from a vast array of competitive advantages.
Back then, AUTOPRO was known primarily for its work on brakes, exhaust, and suspension systems.

Now, more than 650 repair shops across Canada.

In 1993, the first AUTOPRO Collision open his doors.
Since, we are the Largest Network of Automotive Professionals.
Today, there is more than 150 AUTOPRO Collision Members across Canada.


NAPA AUTOPRO’s mission

NAPA AUTOPRO’s mission is to offer the best possible value in automobile maintenance and repair to Canadian motorists. We do so by:

  • Putting NAPA AUTOPRO candidates through a meticulous selection process.
  • Offering the finest, up-to-date training available.
  • Using equipment that is updated regularly.
  • Installing the best replacement parts in the industry.
  • Continuously measuring our client’s degree of satisfaction.
NAPA AUTOPRO dealers are independent service centre that, depending on their market’s needs, decide which services to offer. Whenever you visit an NAPA AUTOPRO dealer, its experts will identify all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs.


Who is NAPA?

NAPA is the largest auto parts distributor in North America. It’s the main supplier to NAPA AUTOPRO dealers and NAPA AUTOCARE dealers across North America. NAPA’s role is to ensure that the parts used to repair or maintain your vehicle are as good as – or even better than – the original parts. It’s guaranteed!


How are NAPA AUTOPRO Dealers Selected?

Auto parts wholesalers can easily recognize the top service centres in their area. They can tell which technician has the best skills (especially in light of the complexity of today’s automobiles) as well as the businesses that are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction at all levels. NAPA only offers its NAPA AUTOPRO program to businesses that have been recommended by their suppliers and business partners.


Our AUTOCARE Partners

AUTOCARE is the “southern cousin” of AUTOPRO. It regroups over 10,000 service centres in the United States. Like AUTOPRO, AUTOCARE is affiliated with the NAPA network, and through this partnership, our clients benefit from warranties that are good throughout North America.


Key figures
Wherever you are in Canada, more than 600 NAPA AUTOPRO service centres and collision repair shops are ready to serve you. For all your maintenance needs, from body repairs to preventative maintenance, put your car in the care of NAPA AUTOPRO.